Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SAHM Struggle: Socks in the Dryer

Za's socks no longer fall out of the dryer anymore. Nesting in the final months of pregnancy, I washed her clothes with special Dreft. Her socks laid in the seal of the front load washer and fell out when I opened the dryer. They were so tiny; smaller than a finger. I remember bending over my belly, legs wide apart so the belly would fit through the legs to pick up her socks. I would ball them and they were smaller than a golf ball.

That isn't the case now. This past weekend, my husband and I packed up all the baby, baby stuff. Za is still a baby, just a bigger baby. But we needed to put up the bouncy chairs, bassinet, and the swing. Lots of baby stuff. Tiny stuff, replaced by bigger stuff, but still for my baby. 

SAHM successes are important, and their value will show in our children.