Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeding Kids (Real) Food

As a teacher, I fret over this situation. My students are awake when they leave for lunch but return drowsy. Starches negatively affect them and make them physically ill. I sign many bathroom passes for dancing students. Instead of corn dogs, pizza, fries, nachos, chicken nuggets, and iceberg lettuce, schools should serve whole wheat bread with real meat and colored vegetables. It isn't cost effective on the front of the books, so schools won't. Students would perform better if they were well fed, and better performances would help finances, but schools won't believe it, or can't afford to take such a risk.

School lunches is a hot topic right now, but I believe healthy food starts when children are young, when they are home, or in preschool. I don't think sending them to school when they are five and expecting wise decisions will work.

As a mom, I try to feed my kids healthy foods. I keep fruit on hand. I avoid the frozen chicken nuggets at the store, and throw a piece of chicken in the oven thirty minutes before lunchtime. At the very least, I stock the freezer with frozen vegetables. It takes effort, but I make it. I am fortunate to have the finances and transportation to get fresh food. What happens to others who cannot, or do not have the knowledge to do so?