Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolution Time

I typically do not make a new year's resolution for two very good reasons. One, they are a bit cliche and I don't like being ordinary. Two, I stink at keeping them. When I was young, I had one to wear my retainer at night like I was already supposed to do. I kept that resolution for quite some time, but that is the only one I remember keeping. I am going to make one this year, and expect people to hold me to it.

For 2011, my resolution is to continue with Switching Classrooms. My work at Justmeans (which is where I primarily write now) is great and I enjoy working there. When I began Switching Classrooms, it was to reach parents and explain what happens in the education world. I only dreamed of working for a news organization with a national audience. At Justmeans I feel like I am reaching a wider audience than on my personal blog. That might be true, but I discuss different education topics in different tones for different audiences at my two blogs. This little blog has nagged at me from afar, almost calling me to continue writing it. I am going to try and answer that call.

Happy New Year, Blog Readers. I'll see you soon. :)

Photo Credit: Flickr