Saturday, August 15, 2009

Random Wonderings

*I wonder* things all the time. I've spent my entire life wondering, but now my wonderment focuses on my house and my children.

Here are my thoughts for the day, of my wondering:

1. I wonder why the vent next to the computer smell like poop
2. I wonder why would I ever care that my stomach is no longer flat? It is dumb to think it would be!
3. I wonder what I am going to do with the baby swing, bouncy seats, and bassinet. The husband says we are done, but I just don't know. Do I get rid of these things? That's about $550 worth of stuff!
4. I wonder why Za pulls her hair when she is mad or tired.
5. I wonder why the dog flips out at the smallest noise or sign of intruder, but my monsters pull his ears and bite his tail, and he does nothing.

Just my wonderings of the day.