Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shame On: Enfamil

Enfamil RestFull promotes the idea that babies will sleep better with this formula. Mead Johnson "Nutrition"'s website states the following unethical advertising and manipulations:
Your baby needs a proper amount of sleep to keep her healthy and happy. That's why we created new Enfamil RestFull, the formula specially designed to naturally encourage a good night's sleep.
  • A natural way to help keep your baby feeling satisfied.
  • Thickens gently in baby's tummy and digests slowly.

I do wish Mead Johnson "Nutrition" would answer the following questions:

1. In what way is this a "natural way" to keep baby satisfied?
2. The use of the word "feeling" before "satisfied" leads me to wonder the exact fullness for the baby. Will the baby be full or not? Will the baby be hungry, and think he or she is not? How long does this "feeling" last? Is there really such a feeling for an infant whose stomach is the size of a small fist? 
3. What chemical concoction makes this bovine based powered breast milk-imitation "thicken"?
4. "Gently." Really? Most formula fed babies cry because their stomachs hurt, or because they need the nurturing and comfort of their mothers. How is this gentle?
5. "Tummy." Nice word and a cute euphemism. We are on to you, Mead Johnson "Nutrition." Make everything associated with your junk-product sweet and moms will buy it. No more. 

I also wonder, in general, why a company with "nutrition" in the title would want formula to "digest slowly." As an adult, and I eat something I should not have eaten (very much like babies who are fed your formula should not eat formula) and it digests slowly, I am in pain. My stomach hurts and I always think, "I shouldn't eat ___. I won't eat ____ again." It is too bad that babies do not have advanced communication skills, leaving them only to cry.

Unless common citizens promote breastfeeding and openly demand the abolition of the atrocity that is formula, babies will suffer. Excuses and self-comforting hinder the breastfeeding movement, as does cruelty and hatred.