Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SAHM Triumph: Sugar Water

Za had to have six month vaccines today. Logically and medically speaking, I believe no connection exists from vaccines to autism. Still, pressing the automatic door button today and walking to the receptionist, heavy breathing and heavy thoughts began.

When I open a webpage or magazine, any source, I read about this debate. It is becoming less of a debate and it is because of the weakening outcry and massive research discrediting naysayers. I don't understand all of the questions and the guilt surrounding the issue, just as I don't totally understand any medical issue.

Jenny McCarthy has brought less than credibility to the vaccine debate. I question outspoken people who make medical claims without research. Her name lands her on shows like OPRAH, and I feel sad for her struggle with her son. It speaks, however, that she is the face of the vaccine- autism connection.

As all of this runs though my head, I give Za sugar water. I read that it lessens the pain and even makes them less sick. I questioned this advice, but decided to try it. Moms: try it! She barely cried and had no tears. It was the best experience I've had with my children's vaccines.

I wish I could silence the debate in my head, I wish that I felt that I had concrete evidence one way.