Sunday, August 2, 2009

Picture Breastfeeding

Here in Michigan on family vacation, we looked at older pictures. Quite the assortment--all funny. My mother-in-law, who very kindly rented the house, had pictures of my husband nursing for the first time. Ever. I looked at them sweetly, my husband being such a cute baby and all. Plus, at six months, I always get an awesome shot of my babies nursing. They are so cute at that age and always look at me when they nurse. Something in common with the MIL. 

As I look at these pictures, everybody else starts talking about my husband having to seek therapy from them, that they are weird, and accompany all this talk with weird eye and shoulder movements. I observe the situation and sigh. I am not going to send out Za's six month pictures because I don't want all the eye-rolling across the nation at numerous computer desks.

The final thought that made me chuckle was the picture of another baby (I don't know which grandchild) sucking at a bottle. Someday society (and my relatives) might point at that picture and say, "that poor baby, gosh it just hurts me to look at this, maybe he'll need therapy someday." Probably not, but maybe their bodies won't ripple when they see a baby receiving optimal nutrition. Maybe.