Friday, August 14, 2009

Gardner's Eight Intelligences: Linguistic

This is an eight-part series covering Gardner's eight multiple intelligences and applying the theory with my children in every day life.

This is probably my least objective analysis of Ty's possible intelligences because it is my strongest one. Ty does love letters and he is getting more curious about books. He "reads" them in his room. We have magnet letters, wooden letters, wooden blocks with letters, wall letters, and possible 300 books. His newest activity is to make letters out of things, like eating and writing utensils, toys, and food. It is so cute and his dad and I love listening to him tell us about his letters. His favorite letter to make is 'h' probably followed by 'i.'

Ty tries to draw letters, but can't which is ok, since he is only 2.7 years. I wonder if he performs well regarding this intelligence because it is my intelligence. The child heard me read "Julius Caesar" 4 times while in my womb! Letters make sense to me and he spends the most time with me. I see the world through letters. Is it ok for me to teach him like that? Of course, I want him to be well rounded in his learning styles, but do I unfairly influence him? I wonder if his destination is to understand the world through words like I do and maps like his dad does.