Thursday, April 8, 2010

SAHM Struggle: Organization

Organization with kids is a "haha" rub my tummy joke. Even though I consider myself put-together and organized, my house is not. This is a huge struggle for me mentally because I like organization so much. I am paid to write about organization. I did my master's research project on organization. (I'll spare you the link to that one). I guest blog about organization. I organize my pictures and my bills; my scrapbooking supplies and my laundry. This ongoing organization struggle with my kids, though, needs some analysis.

Their attention spans are short and I understand that. They want to read a book, oh eat Cheerios, and oh look! outside!! So getting them to clean up is the relatively difficult part. Keeping them picked up. All of this would tie back to....

Toys. They have a thousand toys and that probably isn't an exaggeration. Ty may have 200 cars. Za is only one but her doll collection is extensive. Why? (analyze, analyze) Both sets of grandparents are divorced. They have many aunts and uncles. We live in a close neighborhood and my kids get presents from our neighbors for both Christmas and birthdays. We are fortunate to have so many caring and loving people love our kids. I must do something about the toys though, regardless of the sentimentality.

We can't play in the playroom and we look for puzzle pieces more often than we put them together. That, of course, goes back to the short attention span because once we find all of Mr. Potato Head, we need to move on. It is very cyclical.

I can donate some of them or put some away. I could build shelves (or talk my hubby into doing so, right?) My current SAHM struggle is the mass of toys we have and the disorganization it causes. This will turn into a triumph, I am sure. Any advice, on how to do so?