Friday, August 20, 2010

Finacial Friday: Cloth Napkins

The easiest and perhaps best step I have taken to cut down costs now that I stay at home is to stop buying paper towels. Paper towels are expensive, and we spent probably $10 a month on them, even with coupons.

When I decided to switch to cloth napkins, I began using my wedding (nice) gifts. After spaghetti sauce and mushed who-knows-what threatened to ruin them, I looked at garage sales. So far, I have found pink butterfly ones, red checked ones, green cotton, and green flowers. The best part? They are dirt cheap at garage sales, and normally in great shape. The most I have ever paid for a set of four is $2-the cost of a roll of paper towels.

Also, cloth napkins are better for the environment. Whatever is dirty, I toss into the washing machine with another load-no special washes for them. Lastly, my goofy friends think I'm some kind of domestic goddess for using these! They are so impressed that I use pretty, cloth napkins. Too funny; if they only knew I was cheap!

Photo Credit: Flickr

Monday, August 2, 2010

Education Alert

I have struggled to keep up with my blog, because I began writing for Justmeans. Justmeans is an organization that believes in doing business, better. Justmeans searches for businesses that work toward a sustainable world.

Justmeans just began a new channel, education, which is where I write. I am blogging about education advances (and flaws). When I began writing at Switching Classrooms, I dreamed of writing for a national source, but did not imagine it would happen so soon. I am thrilled to have my own blog at Justmeans-and the pay is fine, too. :)

I will not post my blog postings from Justmeans here, but you can follow me on facebook or Justmeans.

I plan to still write here, so keep checking back. It may just be sporadic now. Thanks to all my readers who have believed in my dream of making education applicable to everyone, and hopefully, interesting as well.