Friday, August 21, 2009

Toddler Healthy Food

Brain based learning theories make sense to me, so I try to feed my babies' brains. I know all parents make an effort to feed their kids healthily-I think they do. I take it seriously to the point that I become angry if they eat fried food, corn syrup, enriched flour... a little much, I agree. I make myself calm down and realize they will be fine. My thought process is just that some day, probably really soon, they will choose their own foods. I want to set a good example and acclimate their taste buds accordingly. Plus, if I have healthy foods, why not give it to them? (At this point, I should probably tell you that my husband finds all of this very silly).

I research brain based learning and once that led me to a reading from Dr. Sears
One suggestion is to put food in different types of containers to offset toddler pickiness. Easy! I grabbed a tiny muffin cup pan and filled two rows with 'strawbabies'-Ty's favorites, 'bluebabies'-not Ty's favorite, and graham crackers. I filled another dish with vanilla yogurt for dipping (another Dr. Sears' tip). All corn syrup free. Happy me.

Ty ate the 'strawbabies' and picked at the rest of the food. Yay! I ran upstairs to tend to Za and returned to find that Ty fed all his food to the dog, replaced the food with his father's chips (Pringles, gross), and put his race cars in the yogurt. (Pictured to the right). Of course.