Blog Beginnings

My name is Lauralee and I am the teacher who is slowly transitioning to becoming a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). When I left teaching after almost a decade of work in public schools, I was surprised by the adjustment. As an English teacher, my normal response was to think through my situation by writing down my ideas. The focus of this blog became to take the ideas from education and apply them to my children, Ty and Za.

I was "switching classrooms" from a typical podium/chalkboard arena to my living room floor, kitchen, backyard, car, and so on. I always knew I could teach everywhere, but then I began thinking this was the preferred method. Maybe if learning was incorporated into all aspects of life, children (and eventually adults) wouldn't shut their minds when the final school bell rang. Reading my reflection on these ideas might give you a better overview of the blog.

As I continued, I realized more and more, just like when I was a teacher: what doesn't shape my children's educations? Nutrition? Socialization? Technology? It's all there, and so I write about it all.

Continuing this SAHM journey, I notice that all parents do this analysis, in different ways.  I take specific educational theories and apply them to my children outside the school setting and explore the actuality of them. No analysis is right or wrong or better than the other; this is simply my way. 

In the fall of 2011, I returned to the classroom. I worked at an alternative school, and at balancing my children and work once again. In August of 2012, my third child, C.J. was born. I am again staying home, teaching my children every day.