Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wonder Why Wednesday

One of my loyal blog readers and friends sent me the popular breastfeeding story of the week. I sing the praises of breastfeeding and acknowledge that while it has difficulties, breastfeeding pays off. I don't shake my fingers at moms who don't breastfeed because, well, I'm not perfect and (to throw in another cliche) the deck is pretty stacked against breastfeeding moms. That is why I was so excited to read the story over and over about the money saving side of breastfeeding. So often, people will throw themselves into a cause if money can be saved.

I've pondered that research these last few days and even looked for a few more ideas about feeding our children healthily. All ideas point one way: feed our kids better and they will be smarter and healthier and parents and the nation will save money on health care costs and on buying food (apples are cheaper than processed apple pies). So why doesn't America just buck up and do it? I wonder how we got this way? Was it just one advancement on top of another? One way to make our life easier, but in the process, really making it harder? I wonder why we eat the way we do. When did it become acceptable for us to eat like every day was Thanksgiving?