Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project: Organizing Kitchen Drawers

I have dutifully reorganized my kitchen - almost all of it. Before I began, Ty and Za's belongings were crammed into corners. This caused two big problems:

1. I couldn't find my stuff because their stuff was in front of my nice dishes, pretty bowls, etc.

2. I couldn't get to their sippy cups and bowls without knocking it all out. Even tonight, I broke a dish. (The other cabinets will be next).

See my kitchen towels? They match my coffee-themed kitchen. The tiny cloths are in the back.
I began with a small task, which normally helps me continue working because I see fast results. I moved the kids' tiny baby washcloths into the kitchen towel drawer. Yes, this completely goes against my image of a perfect kitchen, since they are bathroom items in a kitchen drawer. It works out nicely though:

I am saving the Earth (yay) because I do not use tissues for runny noses or paper towels for messy spaghetti-sauced faces. These are also softer than paper products, making my children less likely to fight me. Finally, I don't have to buy the paper products, which probably saves me about $10 a month.

Small accomplishment, but an important one in the kitchen organizing project!