Friday, February 4, 2011

Free Snow, and lots of it

Sorry for the chopped head look! I forgot to take a "blog picture" while Ty was coloring the snow.   
I live in the Midwest and we have tons of snow. Tons. A few inches no longer phase me like when I was new to this area. Now I just layer on my clothes and take the kids outside to play.

The kids build snow-people and snow-castles, but a mom at a mothering group gave me a really neat idea: colored water. I took the three water bottles and added a few drops of food dye. I only gave the primary colors so we could experiment mixing and making different colors.

This was a huge, successful, and very free activity for me and the kids. Next time, I think I am going to use my laundry spray bottle so they can spray the colors, which might give the snow a neat effect.

I do not care for cold weather, but I see the potential snow provides for kid friendly activities. What do you do in the snow with little ones?