Friday, May 14, 2010

Financial Friday, shopping and coupons

Financial Friday covers a few tricks I have found as a SAHM for cutting down on bills since my family is down an income. 

I spend tons of time clipping coupons, downloading them on my Kroger card and finding them online. One of my SAHM tasks is to cut the grocery bill down. In addition to the above coupon tips, I do the following:

1. I mark specials. If CVS has diapers on sale and they have sent me store coupons, I find manufacture coupons as well. Plus, stores like CVS or Walgreens often have a two day special where they have a %20 off coupon. Drugstores can be more expensive, but with regular coupons in addition to the percent off, diapers, wipes and even sunscreen can be a good deal.

2. I look at the back of stores. See this picture? My local Kroger had a "manager's special" on the baby section. It was hidden way in the back of the store that I accidentally passed. With my extra coupons, this pile was more than %50 off.

3. I get organized. I write out grocery lists on sticky notes. The meat section gets a sticky note, as does the produce section. All coupons are attached to their appropriate sticky note. When I'm done with a section of the store, I put it all away so I don't lose coupons or continue to read over the same list again and again - or combing through the same coupons.

4. I am realistic. Some people drive anywhere for a good deal. If I have to spend extra gas money, tons of time and load my kids into the car for a long trip, I don't count it as smart shopping. I guess it depends on the amount of product you're buying.

Any shopping tips I forgot?

In no way was I compensated for this blog entry.