Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project: Organizing Kitchen

At one point in my mommyhood, I really (deep down, did not doubt it in my heart) believed I could have a perfect kitchen. The type you see in Pottery Barn catalogs and on television shows that depict unnatural home lives. Then I had Ty and Za and realized several things:

1. I cannot follow my kids all day and pick up. I can pick up in general, but cannot (and will not) follow behind with a spray bottle and towel.
2. I become overwhelmed if I do not lower my house cleaning expectations. This is bad for me, my children, my husband, and generally anyone else I would encounter.
3. I would rather focus on working and teaching my students children. Reading, exploring, building blocks-anything is inherently more important that house cleaning.
4. Pottery Barn catalogs are stupid. (I love their stuff, but really. Really).

In an effort to have some sort of functional organization, I have been working on my kitchen. This room is the hub of my house, especially since my kids eat nonstop. Also, with my attempts at cooking and preparing fresh, non-prepackaged foods, I stand at a chopping board extra time. All of this is fine, but aside from cramming the sippy cups into a corner of my cabinet, I really have not adjusted my kitchen for kids. (We do have safety locks, but I'm referring to organization).

Organized kids are happy kids, and kids who live with organized play things hopefully apply organizational methods to their personal and school lives in a natural, unforced way.

So, stay tuned. Project: Organizing Kitchen is underway.