Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project: Organizing Kitchen Shelves

I am organizing my kitchen. The need has been present for a long, long time - like since Ty started eating solid food years ago. Before I had kids, I wanted to keep my kitchen and just add kids and their stuff to the mixture. This is not working so I am adjusting, at least while they are little. I will have a time to display pretty wedding gifts and special plates that coordinate with holidays for many, many decades. My kids will be little once, and the kitchen needs to reflect that.

This is how I started: with a really worn empty shelf that the kids constantly pulled food off.

My pantry needed organized. I took this shelf out and scrubbed it with Ty. I really wanted to get around painting it, but there was no way around it. My kitchen is two shades of brown and I luckily had some leftover. I feared having brown shelves with white pantry walls, but I actually like the results.

Organized kitchen shelf.
The biggest problem was my kids pulled food off. They would bring me glass jars or industrial sized containers of ketchup. The bottom shelf is now food that they most commonly eat - cereal, bread and on. Now when they bring it to me, I just fix them their choice. All 'my food' (read: boring bread crumbs and pasta sauce) is up high, out of their little hands.

I am still organizing, but this is my first finished kitchen project and it has helped immensely in my everyday life!