Friday, February 18, 2011

SAHM Struggle: Dressing Right

I'm sure all moms have seen what I stress about in this post: the moms who shop in the juniors' department. The short shorts. The belly showing. The just overall "I can't let go of my youth" outfits. I always wanted to avoid being that mom.

I think that as I sit in my tank from Old Navy and my pre-baby shorts. I'm showing lots of skin. True, I would not plan to wear this to the park or to pick up a kid from practice. I am just cleaning around the house. If I had to run out of the house though, I would be stuck in this.

So I go the other end of the spectrum for what I always envisioned my mom clothes to be. I didn't want to be the mom in elastic pants. Purple socks. Mickey Mouse t-shirt. The whole get-up.

I struggle. I want to feel attractive and healthy. I want to look 30-ish, not 20-ish. I normally wear jeans and a nice top. It seems that it is a uniform, but it works and is fast. Adjusting from having work clothes to just a few quick outfits is still hard, even two years later.