Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SAHM Triumph: Balancing

Just a bit ago, I was struggling with this SAHM balancing act. Today could have been a good day, or it could be that I am accomplished with this whole gig. I marked everything off my to-do-list today and I have energy to spare.

The kids and I got up this morning, ate, and went to the grocery store. Ty loves those little carts at Kroger's and darn it, he is just so cute pushing it. Of course, he put chocolate pudding in his cart and batteries for his Winnie the Pooh car (he even bought the right size) which was $10 I didn't anticipate on spending. He stayed occupied the entire trip though and I consider it a success, $10 or not.

We came home, unloaded the car, ate lunch, played, and napped. I made a cake and taught night classes while dada and papa watched the kids. I came home and went on a run. Then I wrote a few pages on an article I have due this Sunday.

Accomplished? Tired? Proud? Yes. It makes me confident that I can juggle this crazy SAHM world. Maybe I won't write anymore "SAHM struggles" blogs. Probably not but I will be thrilled with more days like today.