Friday, April 2, 2010

Frustrating Friday, aka-Financial Friday

Today is supposed to be 'Financial Friday' and I had a theme of Cheerios. I even took pictures for my post. I cannot get the cord to connect and open the camera, so that idea was shot. I could still talk about finances, but hey, I'm frustrated and since I like alliteration so much, we'll switch to one of my lists and discuss my frustrations.

1. Augie, the doggie. Wants to go outside. All the time. And he runs away. Why can't I have a dog that goes out and pees? The beagle puts his nose to the ground and runs. Every time I take the dog out, the kids want to go, which involves lots: shoes, jackets, the leash, everything.

2. I fell off the Weight Watchers Wagon. I host a bridal shower April 24th and I better hop back on. I was doing so well and then I thought, brownies, hmmm, just one. Yeah, just one pan.

3. I need to grocery shop. Not small grocery shop, but the "I don't have bread and I don't even have flour to make bread if I had to" type grocery shopping trip. I took the kids grocery shopping about 5 minutes ago and when I pulled into the store, I turned behind and they were both asleep. Good for naps, bad for stomachs. (We're back home, they are asleep, and I am blogging, obviously).

4. I need a nap too. I am so tired, but this house is trashed and I have assignments to write. I don't know which to do.

5. I need to call the gym and pay my fee (sigh). I have to go exercise. I have done pretty well around the house with my DVDs and walks. These last 10 pounds, every time I think they are going away, they zoom right back to my hips.

Anyway, my sentences all begin with "I need." Frustrating, especially because when I look at all those "I need"s I start to feel guilty. It's the mommy-cycle of doing so much and then needing something for yourself and your kids and not getting it done. I will though. I always do. :)