Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SAHM Struggle: Mentally Draining

I had employee orientation this morning for a *very* part-time job at a local community college. When I got up this morning, I immediately made coffee (of course) and knocked off a glass dish I scrubbed clean last night. It hit the sink and splintered everywhere. I cut my hand, but not like last time. In fact, the dish is still in the sink because I am fearful of cleaning it up, which is totally out of character for me. My orientation ran an hour over so I was in a hurry to get to the sitters, and when I picked up the kids, they didn't want to leave because they were outside playing. They did not want to leave, so I promised them we would return outside when we got home.

Ty immediately took off his shoes and within minutes, had a "foot ouchie." Poor man had a splinter. This sounds really lame, but I was so nervous to remove it from his little foot. Then I felt even more lame that I was mentally preparing myself the way I was. The splinters of the day were making me jumpy.

I got everything ready and of course he cried and kicked. I hated hurting him and remembered all the times my mom removed splinters for me. That got me to thinking that I should have given him more of a pep talk about what I was going to do and then I worried he didn't understand. Sometimes little kids don't understand and I should have helped him more.

Today is almost over though. The hubby said he would help me clean up the glass and Ty seems to have forgotten the ouchie. I am going to watch a television show with my hubby and we are going to bed early (aka: before midnight). Tomorrow will not be such a draining day.