Thursday, January 21, 2010

mothering w one hand

in an environmental effort, i was cutting the plastic rings off jugs to recycle them and the scissors slipped. i cut my left hand on the fleshy part. blood spouted up out of my hand (look at all those prepositions) and i grabbed a towel and sat down. ty thought i was joking around w him so he started laughing and saying, mommy! mommy! while giggling. za climbed all over me while i sat on the floor and of course augie was disgusting and i'm sure you can guess what he was doing. anyway, kind of funny now. anyway, b came home and took me to a prompt care and the dr thought i cut my tendons bc i can't move my fingers very well.

after that, i went to the hand surgeon and he doesn't think i severed them like the first dr said. he thinks i nicked them, they re just swollen and i don't need surgery. i got 4 stitches and the hand is swollen so i cant bend it. it's my left so that's good. i go back in 2 weeks and he'll decide then but it doesn't look like i need surgery now, so yay! i have meds and unless i bump it i am ok.

changing diapers with one hand--really hard. making food, getting za out of he high chair, and being on pain meds--all very hard. my house is destroyed. has anyone ever read that email forward where the dad comes home to a trashed house and finds the mom reading a magazine? when he asks her what happened she says, well, you know how you ask me what i do everyday when you come home? today i didn't do it. that is how i felt yesterday after i picked up nothing. poor hubby.

so that's the story! sorry--it's hard to type w one hand.