Monday, March 22, 2010

Educational Theory of the Week: Brain-Based Learning Principle 12

This is it for brain based learning. While I think it is incredibly fun and honestly tied to life, the ideas of it are difficult. The "brain" is, well, difficult and complex. Talking about brain-based learning barely chisels away the slightest bit of it. (Be sure you comment down at the bottom if you have any requests for next Monday!)

Here is the twelve and last concept:

Each brain is unique.

This summarizes what all parents and teachers know. Children learn best when they have environments that are personalized. Everyone's experiences shape who he or she is and everyone feels comfortable learning in a unique way.

Parents do a good job of "knowing" their kids and therefore teaching them well. The sticky part is when they get into school. Too much (for an assortment amount of reasons, too many to account here) of education does not take the unique brain into account. This is why parents must advocate for their children and help them at home.

And there they are--all twelve brain based learning core principles. Enjoy your Monday, and please drop a comment with ideas for our new learning theories/practices. Possibilities: Bloom's Taxonomy, cooperative learning, or technology. Inclusion? Our world influences education and almost everything has a "name" so I'll listen to my blog readers ideas! Let me know and thanks!