Monday, March 8, 2010

SAHM Triumph: What Noon Mommy Knows

Sometimes when I am doing my SAHM gig, I get mad at myself because I think I could have done all the stuff I do now and the stuff I did then. Scrubbing the little insides of the sippy-cups and all their hidden crevices, well, while necessary, isn't what I (or really anyone) finds fun. The thing is, when I worked full time, we never knew where sippy-cups were. The car? Under beds? Someone's house? We always had the flimsy ones and when they got gross, we tossed them. I know that's bad for the environment and my wallet and I hated that practice. Now we have sturdy cups that I can't easily toss so I have to scrub them.

The triumph, other than the environment help and saving money, is that I have time to clean these sippy-cups. I also clean them as I clean the counters and don't procrastinate as the tired working me did. SAHM knows that when Ty marches into her room at 3:00 am and pokes my forehead with his bony finger and says "want milk" she will be really tired. So...

Noon Mommy knows that when she is loading the dishwasher, she should take apart the sippy-cup because Three-o'clock in the Morning Mommy may not and because I have the time to wash sippy-cups, that is my SAHM triumph of the day.