Friday, May 3, 2013

Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

Three weeks until summer! I need some ideas for these three months - please give me ideas.

The finished "dry erase" board, with the first word of the day.
I believe school should be year-round. I thought that as an undergraduate, as a teacher, and now I think it as a parent. I even write about the benefits of year-round school.

That will not happen in the foreseeable future, so my family must adjust. The kids are signed up for t-ball (they have quite the handsome coach as well!) and a few educational camps. While schooling should not have a three month gap, I also believe in the power of "down time."

Maintaing that balance is difficult and keeping their minds exercised is on my to-do list. Kids learn constantly whether parents want them to or not, but teaching through example and from household chores will not fill all the hours in the summer.

I need a plan, or at least some ideas. I've consulted Pinterest and found some great sources. Crafty people posted examples of making your own dry erase board, only with glass.

Turning an old picture frame into a dry erase board took less than an hour. I had this black frame downstairs. The back is broken in one place, and two of the mattes are missing, so I don't use it for "good pictures."

Falling apart a bit.
It did clean up and my husband helped me fix the back with a piece of wood. I added colorful scrapbook paper and I am pleased with the results:

Child not included.
Now I have to decide what to put on the squares, which is where I would like some input. Should each square be designated for a fact, or quote? Should I do one each day, maybe Monday-Thursday?

My ideas to fill the squares:
* Word of the day.
* Bible verse of the day.
* Quote of the day. (Dr. Suess?)
* Math problem of the day.
* Chores.
* Goal of the day. (Give each other compliments, help a neighbor?)

Any ideas? I would love some input!