Friday, April 26, 2013

Printable Books

Keeping the printable books - readers your kids bring home from school.

Ty and Za bring home their school work, and like any other young student, they bring home plenty. We do keep some of their work, but some ends up in the recycling bin too.

One type of work we keep is the printable books (readers, stories) that they make at school. I do this for a few reasons:

1. Ty and Za normally have spent time on these - colored them or drawn pictures.

2. Teachers send these readers home with the hope that students will have at least one "book" at their homes. My kids have tons of books, but not all kids do. Since teachers probably emphasize the importance of these readers, keeping them makes a nice home-school connection.

3. We reread them. Most of them have cute stories or lessons!

I hole punch them as they come into the house. To bind them, I used a circular clip from an office store. I then had Ty and Za pick out a ribbon to designate their packet of books. We have a couple of years pictured below.

Do you keep all, or some of you children's school work? How do you organize it?