Thursday, May 23, 2013

Loving With Food

Does our culture show love with food?

On Valentine's Day this year, Ty and Za returned from their classroom parties with bags full of junk. It wasn't just suckers either. It was full-sized candy bars and cookies. They had a few pencils and pads of tiny stickers but overall, corn syrup. To say, "I'm glad you're my friend," students gave each other candy.


I'm no better. I made a heart cake for celebrating Valentine's Day at home.

Now that t-ball season is upon us, the kids want to meet for ice-cream after games. The end of the school year is almost here, and I'm sure the kids will celebrate with a treat.

Then we have Memorial Day (parade with candy), the Fourth of July (picnics), back-to-school (celebrations), Halloween (candy), Thanksgiving (the ultimate food fest), and Christmas (non-stop feast). Birthdays will be peppered throughout the year, and bank tellers will still give my kids candy at the drive-thru.

It never stops! Why are we giving our kids all this candy, all this food?

A possibility could be tradition. My grandma was thrilled to give us treats. To her, they were "treats"" - her generation didn't always have food growing up. On special days, food did show love.

Do we need to still do this? We have enough food for the most part. I worry about giving my kids healthy food. I know I am fortunate to make the distinction, that I can shop for health and not just substance.

Is this a tradition that needs stopped, or is food love?