Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wonder Why Wednesday: Naming Them

My monthly update from Baby Center told me this today about Miss Za: Your baby understands more than he says, and he's aware that everything around him has a name. Help satisfy this curiosity by pointing at familiar objects and naming them.

I always try to do this with my children--especially when we go through the long teething months and nothing but walking will help. I point out the window and talk about snow, vehicles, trees, animals and the sky. This might relate to later in life, when teachers and bosses explain new rules or concepts. Does this make children more observant? My dad always opens cabinet doors and lets kids look at all the colors. Does it matter what we tell our children about? 

Ty was not an early talker. He wasn't behind either, but did this exercise help him? Za repeats almost anything I say. I pointed at a rug the other day and she said it. Is this one of those exercises--not one fits all? Or does it help, just because children like the sounds of their parents?