Sunday, January 31, 2010

BPA and birthday

A local reporter (with a very nice blog that I follow) recently posted information about the BPA controversy. I think most believe that BPA is harmful. I don't consider myself an alarmist (if a dog licks my kid, the kids doesn't immediately get a bath, etc.) but BPA concerns me.

I always heated Ty's cereal in plastic containers. He had BPA-free bottles (I found that out after I used them, I was just lucky) and let him chew on an assortment of plastic whatevers. To an extent, I let Za as well. 

My concern (even though I think compared to other children they had low exposure) is that their brains were altered. It makes me mad at myself for not doing more research. It makes me ticked off at "the big companies" who allow BPA in children dishes and toys. The whole situation irritates me, just like it does other parents. I believe people are responsible for their behaviors, but what if BPA affects people differently? I think back to my students and wonder how many struggled because of brain alterations. Could some have poisoned bodies? Then I think about what history teaches us. How have humans poisoned their bodies years ago? Cocaine? Lead? What for--beauty, comfort, ease? The BPA controversy isn't going away and it makes so many more questions. 

On a side note, my princess turned one yesterday. She had a very nice party, teddy-bear-themed, and received wonderful gifts from wonderful people. To the left is her "bouquet" that I made with a friend's cricut. A picture of her made-from-scratch-cake, decorated by mommy is below. Happy first birthday princess Za!