Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brain-Based Learning: Core Principle 5

The fifth principle of brain-based learning is:

Emotions are critical to patterning.

Brain-based learning contends that the search for meaning comes through patterning. These patterns are best formed (or remembered by your child/student) when emotions are involved. This makes sense: think about something you really, really remember in life. It might be finding out someone died, getting engaged, or seeing something really surprising happen. Whatever it is, emotions will be attached to it. 

Teachers try to activate this way of learning by having students journal when they read something. (What would you do if you were in character X's position?) How can we do it as parents?

Use simple ideas. If you are discussing the color green, relate it to something your child likes, such as a toy car or the green beans from last night. When you read a book, ask what the characters are doing from the pictures. (Why is he happy? Have you ever gotten a present and were happy?) Any other ideas, about connecting learning, patterning to emotions?