Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That Jealous Feeling

You know how it happens, so simple, doing an innocuous part of your day.

I took Augie (our beagle/pointer/mutt) outside this morning. I was shivering and watching him do his business when a car slowly drove by us. I looked up, only to see a pretty lady applying lipstick with a steady hand and manicured nails. She had on a dress coat. Her hair was stylish. Of course that is all I could see, but I imagined the rest:

She wore pantyhose, a skirt, and high heels. She was on time for work, she was well-rested, and probably had an expensive briefcase on her well-vacuumed seat next to her. Before she went to buy her morning coffee (black, no cream or sugar), she would slip on gloves that matched her coat. She would head to work, have important meetings, and send emails people would hurriedly answer.

Of course this is just my nonsense running away. I don't know this woman.  

I've returned to work and gone back to being a SAHM.I have been in the trenches in both worlds. I accurately can depict the positives and negatives from both experiences. Why, then, do I get jealous when I stand in the front yard, a whole day of snuggling my kids at home unfolding, when I see others going off to work?

I believe the work of a SAHM (or dad) is important. When I taught I saw so many kids who hated to learn, hated to read, hated to study. They had no desire to be a life-long learner - a trait educators will tell you is needed in such a complicated world. I felt the best way to work with my children was to stay home with them. It's been a long, thought out decision!

So why did the woman bother me today?

SAHM successes are important, and their value will show in our children.  (Or at least how we handle our trying experiences).