Monday, February 4, 2013

Monster Jams Review

I apologize for not posting sooner! Some days I play and work with the kids all day and when I get a break I often think, "I should go write a blog." And then I don't - and I rest or read a book. Part of the mom-job.

As my readers know, I had four tickets to give away for Monster Jams, and I had four tickets for my kids to go. Since C.J. is tiny, we did not take her. Ty and Za went, and they had fun and lots of questions.

They had to wear ear protection, and Za was grumpy about that aspect. Besides concern for their ears, they also asked questions about the smell in the arena.

Both of them had fun, but Ty was giddy for most of the events. My little guy loves monster trucks, and plays with them most days. Seeing them live was a big deal - and he's gone before to this event.

Most of the kids' questions came after the show, when they wanted to know about all the products advertised during the show. For instance, they both would like to fly to Vegas for the largest Monster Jam show of the year. Ah, a lesson in commercialization, and marketing.

Seriously, the kids watched intently and we shared a nice family night.