Friday, February 15, 2013

The Non-Toys

My children play all day, often with non-toys.

The next time I go to a baby shower, I am going to give the mom-to-be a bag full of kitchen utensils and copy paper. Expensive toys? I try to make learning "every day" so my kids have found every day toys as well:

Expensive magformers: meet the microwave, screwdriver, odd magnet, scissors, paper bind, and shoe polish container.

Don't buy paint. Give your kids the crummy, almost gone bottles of nail polish.
Za replaces the baby doll stroller with couch cushion "mountains" for her animals.

Even babies know: give a baby a "taggie" toy with built-in tags, and the baby will rather play with the actual tag.
Happy Financial Friday! Here's to not buying your children toys!!