Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sleepy Mom Wondering

Six am, Miss Za.  hmmmm

I wonder if you get enough sleep. Really worry about it since the hours don't add up. You don't sleep like what is "suggested." I know about the doctors and their studies. But I do wonder.

I wonder how long it will take for you and your brother to play together. When he asks me to color/read/play/go downstairs, I normally do. (SAHM gig and all). Sometimes, I am busy. I wonder if it is bad that I say, "go get sissy and play with her." I wonder still if it is bad that he looks at me like that idea did not come out of my mouth. "Play? With her?" Poor Za.

I wonder why I cannot get you to leave the heating grate alone from the floor. You are not bored-all the toys in the other room that you tauntingly take from your brother.

I wonder if you can get any cuter playing with this telephone. My telephone, the one you call people with. The one you puts up to your ear and shout, "oy." 

I wonder why you are rubbing your eyes now that I am awake for the day.