Saturday, February 27, 2010

SAHM Triumph: Visiting

Today, the hubby and I cleaned the house. We normally clean on the weekend, but we have a busy weekend with lots of visitors. (It is still pretty clean with a few cluttering toys. Also a triumph). For any parent, this is an accomplishment. Clean house when I worked? Not so much, not unless I stayed up all night cleaning.

After the hubby and I cleaned the house, we sat around, talked, and waited for ou friends to come. 

All of this may seem trivial, but this relaxed environment never happened when I worked. I would have been so tired and unable to enjoy myself. When I get tired, my legs shake. It's been a long time since my legs has disturbed one of my dinners out with friends.

Another set of friends is coming over tomorrow. We also have a birthday party tomorrow. I'm not stressed at all. This new balancing act, the SAHM gig, is really working for me. I feared for so long it wouldn't because I fear failure. Going to work on top of all my other responsibilities... I am such a happier mommy now that time permits joyful visits with friends.