Monday, February 15, 2010

Brain-Based Learning: Core Principle 8

Number eight! Brain based learning, I see it everywhere with Ty and Za. I hope that you are seeing them as well. The eighth core principal of brain based learning is: 

Learning involves both conscious and unconscious processes.

So, let's define both 'conscious' and 'unconscious':

Consciousness refers to the ability to be self-aware and make meaning of our experiences. 

Nonconscious is a term that has sometimes been preferred by researchers to signify processes which are not conscious because they are by nature such that they are not available to

awareness. (like breathing, emotions)

So, when teaching our children, we need to be aware of this principle. When Ty tries to learn new trains and their names (consciousness), he is building on this knowledge of all his trains. He cares about these trains, his hobby that he devotes time to (nonconscious). These are happy emotions. What if he had unsettling or angry emotions? 

To serve our students best, we can teach them more if we look to tap the happy unconsciousness. Do some students struggle more because they have more angry and sad emotions that interfere with their learning processes?