Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SAHM Triumph: Today is Over

Today was hard. 

Ty woke me up at 6:00 am. I thought I got him back to sleep, and only realized that he was awake when he pestered his sister awake. I could have handled myself better. I was pretty mad. I made up my mind to get over it and have a happy day and that was my only meltdown of this long and terrible SAHM day.

We came downstairs, did the whole breakfast/potty/Handy Manny dance and Za went to sleep at 8:00. Stupidly, I thought, "I don't need to take a nap too. I'll keep working and busy and won't be tired today." So, for the rest of the day, my eyes sagged and I had a huge SAHM headache.

My SIL called and wanted a play date. Gratefully, I went over and let the kids run around. They were both asleep when I came home. Za woke up after about an hour was grumpy the rest of the day.

In that hour break, I did laundry, the dishwasher and checked on one of my writing jobs. My editor won't get back to me and I am irritated. Really, really irritated. I have a question and I want it answered. Since I can't ask her the same question over and over like Ty does all day (why? how come?) because then I will get fired because she's not patient like I am with Ty, I will have to walk around a little ticked until she finally writes me back.

Then Za was mad and hung on me all night. Ty was a beast and didn't want to go potty, which is a whole other blog because he will never be potty trained. Of course, I was tired and tried my hardest to be a good mommy, but probably was not. I barely made it through the night, but I did make a home-made meal.

My husband fell asleep on the couch and so the dog became my responsibility by default. My editor still hasn't responded, I need to switch the laundry, wipe off the table, turn off the lights and go to bed. I haven't exercised today and now I'm eating cookies. The only positive thing about today is that today has about 120 minutes left, and then it is over.