Saturday, December 5, 2009

SAHM Triumph: Christmas Tree

Alas, my tree is done. It takes me forever to decide what colors to use each year. This season I went for a light green and silver. No red or dark green. I found the ribbon today at Michael's and pronounced this tree finished at last. (See the vacuum in the background? I will move it, I promise). 

Why is this a SAHM triumph, you might ask? Don't I put up a tree every year? Why yes I do, at the expense of my sleep and my marriage. I normally can't get everything assembled until vacation is here, which means we enjoy the finished product for about a week before we start disassembling. I'm tired and grumpy and fight with my husband because I'm stressed and am trying to force him to help me. I was thinking of all of this and those overwhelming feelings came back to me: I wasn't spending time with my kids, my hubby, and I needed to grade papers! What a balancing act, one that I am so grateful I am avoiding this year. My husband is truly wonderful when he agreed to let me stay home this year.

So, even though many other women can finish a tree, raise kids, and work outside the home, I never could. I sucked at the balancing act I always had to perform. And for that reason, my sanely put together Christmas tree, here almost 3 weeks before Christmas, is my SAHM triumph of the day.