Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Portfolio First Semester Exam

This is the end of 2009, the end of my first year as a mommy of 2. Busy, busy times.

This is also the end of my first semester as a SAHM. Did I pass? I still think like a teacher, so... If this was a portfolio evaluation, here is what I learned:

1. Lying is ok, to some degree. If you have a car full of groceries, the newborn is crying, the mail lady is walking up the driveway, and the 2 year old is starting to run away, it is ok to lie. Unfortunately, Ty now says, "the cars hit and hurt Ty" when we are in a parking lot, every time we are in a parking lot. I feel really bad scaring him like that, but really, sometimes lying is best, or at least necessary.

2. You can teach your child something from every situation. Even if you are just driving down the road, you can discuss colors, cars, names, the alphabet, anything.

3. Eating like a kid might be fun, for awhile. Then, you have to stop eating syrup and "awfuls" (waffles) because you do not run in circles for a half an hour and those calories will not burn themselves.

4. My children are more important to me than anything else, and their brain development in the first years of life only happens once. So, Miss Lady in the pediatrician's office who wants to stare at me in hope that I stop breastfeeding my 9 week old so she can be more comfortable, well, keep staring lady. You might get a show. You might not. I'm feeding my baby because she's hungry and that is what modern moms do. Go away. Go back to the 50s. Go home. Go elsewhere and take all other people who are offended by breastfeeding with you.

5. Reading books 2 million times over and over does become boring, but the kids really like it. They also like the way I sing, dance, kiss and smell their feet, kiss their boo-boos, and pat them to sleep. I don't think I'm so grand at any of this, but they really like it all. So I do it and that is ok. I understand that toddlers appreciate patterns, comfort, and familiarity. I don't always like it, but they do, so I can give into them sometimes.

6. Sometimes, the children must give into me. I want to pee alone, and I shall. I also deserve to exercise at least 10 minutes everyday. And I shall, and not feel guilty!

7. Dinner must be made and it needn't be perfect. When I started this SAHM gig, I really stressed about dinner and often gave up the battle because I couldn't make something "nice" enough. Chicken? Rice? Frozen vegetables? Sounds like dinner. I even think I am becoming a better cook from my rushed make-shift meals.

8. I miss my income, my podium, my dress up clothes, coworkers, and adult lunches and discussions. I do. I really do. It's ok to be honest. I've wrestled with it a long time and can admit it.

9. I am happier being home with my babies. My stress level, marriage, sleep habits, life, marriage (yep, I typed that twice and added this note while proofreading), mental status, everything, is better when I'm not trying to be Superwoman like I was before. I couldn't do everything. (It took me awhile to admit to that as well).

10. This job is hard and draws many similarities to that of a teacher. This job is more rewarding and I hope that my gamble pays off, even if I have to wait 10-20 years to see the return. I'm betting it does.