Saturday, September 5, 2009

Breastfeeding Misconceptions

As I head off to bed, I must jot down a few misconceptions I always hear concerning breastfeeding. If you truly understand how breastfeeding works, these may seem silly. For mothers with little breastfeeding knowledge, these excuses must seem very real.

My milk dried up because...
1. I took Benadryl.
2. I had the flu.
3. I got a vaccine. 

I didn't make enough milk because...
1. I nursed the baby and then had to pump because the baby wanted to keep nursing.
2. the baby wanted to nurse every three hours.
3. I never saw milk.

I needed to give the baby formula because...
1. his dad needed to feel close to him and feed him.
2. she would wake up hungry and wanted to nurse for hours.
3. I had a cesarean section.

As usual, I reiterate my belief that knowledge is key in understanding why women stop or never start breastfeeding. When women lie, they hurt others who may believe them. These excuses need explained away. 

Unless common citizens promote breastfeeding and openly demand the abolition of the atrocity that is formula, babies will suffer. Excuses and self-comforting hinder the breastfeeding movement, as does cruelty and hatred.