Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Being Nice

The mom, not the kids.

Sometimes they fight. We are into the second week of summer, and I really don't get a break, which is super hard. Ty and Za get along most of the time, but they are little. (I have to tell myself that). They squabble and disagree on what to play, watch, read, where to sit...

They did not sit nicely much longer past the picture. 
And I am the example, the person who needs to be calm. If C.J. dumps out the dog water on an outfit when we are walking out the door or the dog runs away as we are walking out the door (those both happened yesterday and today), I cannot scream. I need to model for my children how to act when something goes amiss.

Because something will always go wrong in life. That's life. I need to explain how I think of a new plan and show them that we can get out the door, maybe just a bit later.

That's my SAHM goal for the week: being nice when things are messy. Being the nice mom who can show them that there are natural consequences for actions, but we can learn from them.