Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Ross Giveaway!

I am very fortunate to have another gift card to give to a reader!

Sorry for the two week hiatus. Sometimes a mom needs a break. A going-to-bed-at-a-decent-hour and walking-every-night type of break. I've been staring at my babies more, counting leaves with my kids, and taking in all the new colors fall brings.

Speaking of fall... we need clothes, again!

My kids grow and I never know what they will need in advance. Never. I don't know the system for buying in advance, and now it is chilly and their jeans from last year could be capris. When Ross Dress for Less asked if I would do another giveaway, I didn't hesitate.

Last time Za got tons of back-to-school clothes. This time Ty needed them more. He loves his new outfit, but won't cooperate for the camera though. To get a picture of him in his Ross outfit, I had to settle for a picture of him running away from me:

Anywho, the kiddos and I returned to Ross and had another wonderful experience. I am accustomed to discount stores being messy, but this store is not - which means I can find clothes easily. Clothes are not strewn around or on the wrong rack.

They also have hard to find clothes, like SLIM PANTS for my tall man Ty. I normally have to pay more for special sizes for kids like slim or large. These are his long, slim jeans in his size, name-brand, and at a low price. He normally suffers through with regular jeans because stores don't carry slim or long (let alone together!), but I got to choose between several pairs of slim/long pants.

I didn't stand in line long, and of course had to take Za to the bathroom, which was clean. (This is a parenting bonus- it just is). I did not care for the shoe selection, again, which is a bit of a bummer. I need some discount shoes!

Overall though, we spent our gift card and a little bit more, but Ty got two pairs of pants and a shirt for fall. Every item was name brand, and the jeans were more than 50% off the retail tag.

So... I love making my readers happy like I am, so here's how to enter for your own gift card to Ross:

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Good luck!

I did receive compensation in the form of a gift card from Ross Dress for Less in exchange for sponsoring this giveaway on Switching Classrooms. Opinions stated in this blog and any subsequent blog posts, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, or other social media or personal statements are my own.