Friday, March 22, 2013

Financial Friday: Birthday Decor

An inexpensive and fun birthday surprise. 

We've been sick this week - almost all of us - so I have neglected my blog. I did feel like posting a quick activity that I did a few months ago for Ty's birthday.

I saw this decorating tip on Pinterest, and adapted as I went. I used leftover crepe paper, balloons, and ribbon along with tape and scissors.

I circled the strips, and then made one cut.

I found it easiest to tape a group together, rather than hang each piece individually.

I used painter's tape because I was going to tape to a wooden door frame.

The longest part was hanging and taping everything up. Plus, I had to wait until he was SOUND asleep for the night, so I was actually up late working.

The next morning, he was surprised and thought the decorations were fun. Very inexpensive, and hopefully memorable, birthday surprise.