Friday, March 15, 2013

Financial Friday: Library Time

Library time.

I keep my eyes peeled for inexpensive or free activities to get my kids out of the house, especially while it is cold. Going to the library is free, and my kids get great experiences there.

When children interact with books, they are forming a relationship with reading materials. The library allows kids to see different types of books and choose which ones to explore. If a child is going through an interest- stage (dinosaur, trucks, police) books provide a simple building block for learning.

Reading, and activities like visiting the library, can be natural and part of your child's life routine. I hear parents say that they will go to the library later in life - when the child can read. Just like teaching a child the seat-belt must always be worn in the car, teach through example that reading, that picking out fun books to borrow, is a life-long habit. (For more information on reading to babies for habit-forming skills, this interview with Tricia O'Brien has some inspirational ideas).

Libraries are free (except for the late-fees which I have right now), and are perfect ventures for parents, stay-at-home or not. Happy Financial Friday!

Baby C.J. explores books like she explores everything - with her mouth.

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