Friday, December 7, 2012

Craft Stick Ornaments

Easy! Craft Stick Ornaments

The finished projects.

We made simple and inexpensive ornaments today. The project took a bit of time because we had to allow the paint to dry, and then the glue, but it was inexpensive and fun. You can probably guess what we did, but here are quick directions.

Supplies Needed

Craft sticks
Puff balls (or glitter - I just didn't want the mess)
Paint (or markers)
Yarn/ Ribbon
Napkins/ cups lids (or anything to put the projects on for drying)


We set out our supplies and I gave Ty and Za a cup lid with a squirt of green paint. I put the craft sticks on the napkins, and they painted - without brushes.

Painting the second side.

Then we had to wait. The kids wanted to paint both sides of the sticks, so we had to allow the first side to dry.

When both sides were dry, we glued them together to make triangles. Again, we waited for that glue to set.

Za got right to work.
At this point, I wrote "from Ty" on his (and then on Za's trees) so that we wouldn't get them confused. Za started gluing puff balls on her trees.

Ty sorted his balls by color, and created a pattern for his trees.

The finished, patterned trees.
After that part dried, I glued a loop of ribbon on the back. The kids helped me wrap their tree ornaments and decide the recipients. The project took most of the day, off and on, but it was inexpensive and fun. 


When I started this project, I did not take into account how long the process would be. Everything had to dry. I would have told my kids in advance that they would not have ornaments to wrap within an hour. We honestly worked on these all day. 

We Addressed the 8 Intelligences! 

Working with color patterns and triangle shapes is mathematical- logical