Monday, December 10, 2012

Disney on Ice! Treasure Hunt

Magical Childhood

Sometimes, adults forget what it is like to be a child, to be trusting, to wonder so endlessly.

As my kids watched Disney on Ice last night, I got to watch their faces as characters skated and sang. They were excited, yes. They were also curious and a little astonished.

Before it started, they asked why the ice was red. My husband and I explained them the lights overhead changed colors, making the white ice different colors.

Ready to start!
They wanted to know how people moved on ice, and we discussed the special shoes they wore. 

And on, until the show started. It began by warming up the performers, and taking the approach of exercising and why bodies need to move. Then Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy showed up. Goofy fell on the ice, and Donald shook his head at him.

The characters from "Alice in Wonderland," "Aladdin," "The Lion King," and "Peter Pan" performed. The show was amazing, complete with fireworks and music from the movies. I was taken back - I did not expect this kind of performance. It was magical, and I know the feelings of my children will stay with them for years. The show really was that mature, to make a lasting effect. It was not a cheap, thrown- together affair. I felt fortunate that Ty and Za will have such memories.

Za climbed on her dad's lap for help braving the theatrics, aka, loud noises and lights.

Other times. Aladdin and Jasmine took a carpet ride, and Tinkerbell and Peter Pan flew in. My three-year-old giggled and jumped. My five-year-old smiled, and I noticed he had big, wondering eyes. After the second or third character "flew" into the arena, he leaned over and whispered, "I saw those strings."

It just doesn't last long, the innocence before they notice and understand. Kids wonder about different colored ice and special effects of lights. It is so important to explain processes and answer their questions. I would be lying if I didn't admit I smiled a tired smile (you know the one I mean?) when Ty noticed the wires that actors held.

Because I slightly remember that awe, that feeling of "wow - there must be some magic, some mystery" from when I was little. It is fleeting. At the age of five - is it really ending?

Kids have it for such a short time, and as a parent, it is awesome, a mixed bag of emotions to watch Za lit in amazement, and Ty enjoying himself, only with a bit more skepticism than his younger sister.

My kids thoroughly enjoyed Disney on Ice, and their parents appreciate the innocent and magical memories they have from it.