Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kindergarten Preparation Activities

Ty started kindergarten on Monday. He has a very organized classroom and a teacher that I am excited to work with this year. 

I thought our school and the parent club did a wonderful job getting the class of 2025 (crazy, right?) ready for kindergarten. We had plenty of activities to ease kids into this first year:

* The school hosted a "meet the teacher" night. The kids played outside with the principal while parents met with the classroom teacher.

* The Sunday before school began, parents and students were free to meet on the playground for socialization. Ty's teacher was even there, which was a bonus. Ty also played tag with a group of classmates - and he went to school the next day knowing a few kids in his class.

* The first week of school, the school has invited parents to help with lunch. When I first heard this, I almost dismissed this opportunity. It is a nice one though and I am glad I went Monday - Ty's dad went Tuesday. The kids needed help opening packages, learning where to take empty trays, dump extra milk... every parent who was there had an opportunity to work!

I am lucky we have a school and parent club working to make a smooth transition to kindergarten. Did your school offer such opportunities, or different ones?  

 Intelligences Addressed : bodily- kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal.