Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Activities for Building Fine Motor Skills

Working fine motor skills

I have mentioned before that I am NOT an elementary teacher, right? Some of the activities I do with Ty and Za may seem simple, but to someone new to teaching young kids at home, I am learning as I go. Here is a simple list of ways we develop fine motor skills, or small movements that work small muscles.

Easy (and Inexpensive) Ways to Work Fine Motor Skills

 1. Stickers. Peeling them, placing them, working tiny fingers.

2. Cutting. Very messy, but this does occupy my kiddos for hours. Plus, I think I work my muscles when I am cutting Christmas paper for presents.

3. Gluing. We especially like to glue small pieces of paper.

4. Syringing. Pulling the end out, and then managing where the liquid goes - sometimes it's a struggle for me.

5. Stringing.We use craft wire or yarn, and when we are out, we use dental floss.


What are other easy and inexpensive ways to get kids to build their fine motor skills?

We Addressed the 8 Intelligences! 

Bodily- kinesthetic, interpersonal.