Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Reading

I am getting ready to start teaching high school students again, so I have been busy with lesson plans. I did not have as much time to read other posts this week, but I did come across some of interest I wanted to pass to my readers.

First, let me backtrack. This is my poster for the kids when they get ready for preschool:

Not too fancy, yet.

I did it this way first so we could alter it if needed. I figured once it was set, I could make a large one, complete with pictures or graphics. I researched a little, and came across this post by Little Illuminations. I think I will use pictures of my kids getting ready in the morning to make their checklist.

I also found tons of fun, easy, and inexpensive crafts that I want to do with the kids.

Mess For Less created a math lesson out of pipe cleaners and beads.

Mama Pea Pod made pasta necklaces with her kids. They were really pretty and with the holidays coming up, I know some grandparents who will probably receive such gifts.

A Mom With A Lesson Plan came up with a scavenger hunt around the house. This sounds like a long and entertaining activity, which is great, especially since cold months are coming.

Finally, CNN published an op-ed piece by Ron Clark. It might hurt to read it, but it expresses the point of view of many educators. I know my Facebook page blew up with it. Parents and teachers alike posted it: some complained, others cheered. It is worth a read, no matter what.

Happy Sunday!